Family. There's nothing quite like it. A collection of people closely connected by genetics, name, home life, and all manner of endearing eccentricities.

So much else can and often does change in life, but family remains, well, family. We share moments of joy, sadness, excitement, and cake.

My family means everything to me. They're my fellow adventurers in life and they continue to surprise, delight, amuse, and inspire me. Here they are.

Family photo


(aka Lou-Lou, Louella, Mrs W., etc.)

Philosopher, chef, poet, friend, writer, artist, gardener, and all-round good egg. Laura is the one who keeps the rest of us fed, sane, and loved.

Laura is also co-partner with me in the sitcom that is raising our two dotty daughters (aka the smalls).

Often found: gardening.


(aka Thea-Pearl, Gorgeous-Chops, etc.)

Thea is our thoughtful, caring, sensitive, book-loving daughter.

She loves animals and has looked after various previous pets (stick insects, hamsters, and fish). She now tends to our dog, Tiffin, and talks of becoming a vet some day.

Often found: doing craft.


(aka Hattie, Hats, Hat-Splats, Woo, etc.)

Harriet is our quirky, bare-footed, free-spirited daughter who loves to draw and write.

When she grows up, Harriet tells us that she's going to be a horse-rider, ballerina, and artist. In addition to these noble aims, we suspect she'll always be a natural joker.

Often found: drawing or playing with slime.


Also very much part of the family is our beloved dog, Tiffin.