“It was my utmost honor to work with and learn from Tom during my time at IBM. I was constantly in awe of how much Tom accomplished as he worked diligently to establish standards, practices, and culture of IBM's content design program.

A true catalyst, Tom had a knack for bringing people along with him, sparking participation, being inclusive of perspectives and voices, and championing progress bit by bit.

And on top of all that, I can say that Tom is an impressively thoughtful content designer who works from a great wellspring of knowledge and experience about his craft. He was always generous with his time when I'd seek advice or collaboration. I'd work with Tom again — and follow his lead — in a heartbeat.”

— Jeremy Burton

Former Senior UX and Content Designer at IBM
Now Senior Content and UX Designer at Mural

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“Tom is the best and brightest IBM has to offer as their top content expert and leader. During my time in the Design Program Office as Content Design Lead, I watched in awe as Tom built style guides to set the content tone, voice, strategy, and more for the largest org (Cloud and Cognitive), and establish and lead our Content Design Guild which I served on as a committee co-chair.

Tom would regularly pull in top thought leaders from the industry to speak in our guild, develop workshops, invite internal experts, and more. Tom has incredibly deep knowledge as a content designer.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to work with Tom. Above all, he is kind and humble, and really a joy to be around. He truly embodies the human-centered principles that designers always tout, but don’t always deliver on (he does). And, he goes above and beyond, making sure he shares his wisdom regularly by speaking at industry events.”

— Allison Biesboer

Former Content Designer and Strategist at IBM
Now Sr. Staff Content Designer and Manager at Visa

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“It's very rare to find someone so knowledgeable in their field and so willing to share. I have had the pleasure of working with Tom on a number of complex enterprise products and I was constantly impressed by his drive for consistent, personable, and professional UX copy. He was always quick to share his thinking and knowledge, and I'm not sure he's even aware of how many of his teachings I use on a daily basis.

Not only is Tom a fantastic beacon for his own craft, he constantly seeks to extend his skillset into other areas, such as more traditional design disciplines and even front-end development. This makes it super easy to communicate quickly and directly on source files resulting in a very productive working relationship. Tom does all this, whilst honestly being one of the kindest people I've met in this industry! I highly recommend Tom as a colleague, mentor, and friend.”

— Peter Loveland

Former UI/UX Designer at IBM
Now Senior Product Designer at GitHub

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“Tom is a pleasure to work with. He designs experiences with words, the right ones, the proper ones, the just enough ones. The result is a better engagement and dialogue with the reader or user of the tool, article or product he’s involved in.

I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with Tom across multiple projects and I always leave with a deeper understanding on how to better communicate within a team and with users.”

— Esteban Pérez-Hemminger

Former Design Lead at IBM
Now UX Design Lead at Google

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“Tom is truly outstanding. A man of deep integrity and sound judgement, who always maintains a positive attitude. He's one of the best enablers I know. He gathers the right people for a project, encourages them to say and do what they believe to be best for the project, and works harder than anyone else on the project to clear obstacles, keep focus, create momentum and document outcomes.”

— Barry Gunner

IBM Software Engineer

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“It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you for the time and talent you have dedicated to helping me learn more about content design, contributing to the visibility of and opportunities for content professionals at IBM, and (most importantly) improving our clients' experience with our content. I appreciate your positivity, collaboration style, and ability to cut through the noise!”

— Janene Franke

Program Manager, IBM Technical Content Transformation

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“Thank you Tom for always pushing the boundaries of what we're doing from a content, strategy, and offering perspective.”

— Madison Heck

Former Product Manager at IBM
Now Senior Product Manager at CollegeVine

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